Stories are what connect us. With my extensive experience as a researcher, writer, and digital storyteller, I can help you engage audiences, build community, and drive change. 

Clients range from Harvard University to leading healthcare, finance, and insurance brands. As a skilled journalist and researcher, I’m a quick study and adept at translating complex concepts into engaging content for diverse audiences.

Writing services include:
Feature Articles
White Papers
Blog Posts
Documentary Film

What happens after I contact you?

You’ll get a response in 24 hours. I’ll ask you for more details about the project and schedule a call to iron out all the details.

What will our collaboration look like?

We’ll start by setting up a plan and timeline that works for both of us. I’ll send you the work in increments that you can approve or request edits.

Can I ask for edits?

Yes! Two rounds of edits are always included in the price.

Are you open for a longer contract?

Definitely. I love one-off projects, but I’m all for building meaningful partnerships, so I’m open for retainer contracts.